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When Angelique was born in 1969 her parents already owned about 10 dachshunds and bred them under the kennelname "V. Zeelands Roem", something they still do.

Roels love for dachshunds began in 1981 when his parents bought their first Smoothhair Standard Dachshund at dachshundkennel "V. Zeelands Roem". With this dog they went showing and bred under the name "Vom Xankihaus".

Roel and Angelique saw eachother regularly on shows and from one came the other. In 1987 they started living together and only after 3 months the first dachshund came the live with them; the Wirehair Standard Dachshund "Orly v. Zeelands Roem", as a companion pet. In 1991 Roel and Angelique bred their first litter with "Orly" under the kennelname "v.d. Stoofhoeve".
Meanwhile moved to a larger house without any neighbours more dogs could be held.
Roels passion lies with the Red Smoothhair- and the Wirehair Standards. Angelique prefers the Miniature- and Kaninchen Smooth- and Wirehairs.
Best buys were:
Esperance v. Zeelands Roem, a Wirehair Miniature Bitch
Hatoucoeur de l'Ancien Relais, a Red Smoothhair Miniature Male
Hukkaputken Xanthia, a Red Smoothhair Miniature Bitch
Hukkaputken Morris, a Wirehair Standard Male

The best moments in the last 10 years were the 2 World Champions in Helsinki (Finland), the trip to and the show in Mexico with as result 2 Mexican Champions and 1 World Champion.
The Best in Show in Mechelen (Belgium) of 2.000 dogs contributing and the Top Dog of the Year 2000 of the Dutch Dachshund Club.

The most difficult thing now is the retain our current level and breed or buy healthy and friendly dogs. Especially with the Red Smoothhairs it is extremely difficult to find good studdogs. Over the past years we have traveled a lot (Italy, Danmark and France) to keep on finding good and healty studdogs.

Last year, 2002, we contributed to the show in Monaco, the European Championships in Paris and the World Championships in Amsterdam. The results were really superbe. In Monaco a Smoothhair Miniature as well as a Wirehair Kaninchen achieved the Championship. In Amsterdam we achieved the World Champion with the Smoothhair Miniature and the Junior World Champion with the Smoothhair Kaninchens. Nice details is that the World Champion at the Smoothhair Kaninchens is a dog from our lines. And at least Paris, result European Champion with the Smoothhair Miniature and Junior European Champion with the Wirehair Kaninchens. And again a Smoothhair Kaninchen from our lines became European Champion.

For the year 2003 the show in Monaco, the World Championships in Dortmund and the European Championships in Bratislava are on the agenda. The World Championships in Dortmund were an enormous succes. Of the 80 contributing Smoothhair Miniatures "World Champion 2002 Courtisane v.d. Stoofhoeve" renewed her title and became World Champion 2003, she also became Best of Breed. Our Smoothhair Miniature Male "Questionmark v.d. Stoofhoeve" became Junior World Champion 2003 and our newest arrival the Smoothhair Kaninchen Male "Sulaatik's Juventus" also became Junior World Champion 2003.

The 3 World Champions 2003 on a row

The showyear 2003 came to a successfull end at the Amsterdam Winner. For dogs earned a Winner title: Questionmark v.d. Stoofhoeve (smoothhair miniature male), Courtisane v.d. Stoofhoeve (smoothhair miniature female) tevens BOB, Sulaatik's Juventus (smoothhair kaninchen male) en Vasco da Gama of Assini Boine (wirehair miniatur male) tevens BOB en BIG.


Dutch Champion Vasco da Gama of Assini Boine, Winner 2003.

These dogs were important for shows but also very important for breeding and setting up good bloodlines. Above mentioned dogs brought us up till now already 21 World Champions