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 20 March 2011


Leiden International Dogshow


Great result at the Leiden International Dogshow. Our miniature smooth male "Nandor v.d. Stoofhoeve",

who was entered for the firtst time in junior class, obtained the championship, became BOB and later on BIG1.

Not bad for a dog of 12 months old. Also our miniature smooth female "Oléandre v.d. Stoofhoeve"

became the championship and was the BOS. We thanks judge Dijkstra-Noij who was responsible for this nice

result. Our new 9 months old kaninchen wire female"Valérie v.d. Stoofhoeve" became 2th with excellent

in juniorclass under judge Doedijns.


"Nandor v.d. Stoofhoeve", 1 Excellent, CACJ, CAC, BOB, BIG1

Photo: Alice van Kempen





16 January 2011


Sunlux Angel Hearthbreaker of Pinedax


Angelique picked up the chocolat kaninchen dachshund smooth "Sunlux Angel Hearthbreaker of Pinedax"

from Ireland. This beautiful male with a marvelous movement has a very interesting pedigree with on father and mother side the wellknow Russian male "Lisega Nosa Fantastic". "Angel Hearthbreaker" will stay with us for a few months. Carolyne and Peter thank you for giving us this opportunity


Ch. Sunlux Angel Hearthbreaker of Pinedax, Irish Ch., Int.Ch., Norwegian Ch., European Junior Ch.'09

Owner: Pinedax Kennel (Ireland) 





15 June 2009


The Boekholt family expands


On 18.15 hour our third son Sven has been born.







3 July 2008


Worlddogshow 2008 Stockholm


During this show, 2 of our dogs obtained the title World Winner 2008 en 2 the title Junior World Winner 2008.

There were 704 teckels entered en we obtained the titles under 3 different juges.


The winners are:

Kaninchen Dachshund Smooth, Multi Ch. Trésor v.d. Stoofhoeve, Worldwinner 2005, 2006, 2007 and now also 2008.

Kaninchen Dachshund Smooth, Vainqueur v.d. Stoofhoeve, Junior Worldwinner 2008

Kaninchen Dachshund Smooth, Garance v.d. Stoofhoeve, Junior Worldwinner 2008

Kaninchen Dachshund Smooth, Beethoven de Ker Ki Douar, Worldwinner 2008 


 Garance v.d. Stoofhoeve, Junior World Winner 2008


Vainqueur v.d. Stoofhoeve, Junior World Winner 2008



Beethoven de Ker Ki Douar, World Winner 2008


Multi Ch. Trésor v.d. Stoofhoeve, World Winner 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008






5 April 2008


Great succes on the international show in Goes. Our kennel obtained the championship for the best male

and the best female miniature smooth and kaninchen smooth. We thank juge J. Schepers from Holland

under which we entered for the first time our dogs.

The marvelous male "Grand Prix de la Vie v.d. Stoofhoeve" ,owned by the family De Crom, obtained his

last certificate to get Dutch Champion. We congratulate the family De Crom with their new champion

and thank them for showing this fine male


Dutch Ch. Grand Prix de la Vie v.d. Stoofhoeve, JW-W´07, NJK

Owned by: C. de Crom



Kaninchen smooth male "Vainqueur v.d. Stoofhoeve", 1Exc CACJ-CAC and obtained

his Dutch Junior Championship

Kaninchen smooth female "Yeantel v.d. Stoofhoeve", 1Exc CACJ-CAC-BOB and

obtained her Dutch Junior Championship

Miniature smooth female "Quilaine v.d. Stoofhoeve", 1Exc CAC-CACIB, it was her first show

Miniature smooth male "Grand Prix de la Vie v.d. Stoofhoeve", 1Exc CAC-CACIB-BOB and

obtained his Dutch Championship.






 5 Januar 2008


Today the miniature smooth female Multi Ch. Dualis Loretta added to the site. She will be mated

at 9 Januar 2008 to the Worldchampion 2006 male ''Sundsdal Karl Smart'' from  Danmark






30 December 2007


Finaly our kaninchen smooth female Dutch Ch. "Trésor v.d. Stoofhoeve", Worldchampion 2005,2006,2007, European Ch. 2007, Dutch Winner 2006 & 2007, Mexican Ch., Monaco Ch, Luxembourg Ch., Polish Ch., Croatian Ch., Argentine Ch., South American Ch., Caribian Ch., is mated after a long showing period. The male we used is Dutch Ch. "Abedar's Nippy the Nipper",

Dutch Winner 2007.


Also we bought a marvelous miniature smooth male "Olivier v.d. Hermels Hoeve". The father of

this red male is "Linus vom Dinkelgrund" and the mother is "Juffertje in het Groen du Chapeau".






25 November 2007

Great results at the Amsterdam Winnershow 2007. Our dogs obtained

2 Youthwinner titles and 2 Winnertitles. Also the champions of the

miniature smooth were from our breeding.


 Multi Ch. "Trésor v.d. Stoofhoeve", Worldchampion 2005-2006-2007, Winner 2006-2007, European Champion 2007


Kaninchen Smooth female "Trésor v.d. Stoofhoeve" obtained 1Exc CAC-CACIB-Winner 2007

Kaninchen Smooth male "Vainqueur v.d. Stoofhoeve" obtained 1Exc Youthwinner 2007

Kaninchen Wire male "Beethoven de Ker Ki Douar" obtained 1Exc CAC-Youthwinner & Winner 2007

Miniature Smooth female "Kamille v.d. Stoofhoeve" obtained 1Exc RCAC-RCACIB






19 October 2007

New site finaly finished.

From this date we will try to renew our site.

Miniature Smooth Female  "Kamille v.d. Stoofhoeve"  have been added.

Kamille v.d. Stoofhoeve

JWW´07, Mexican Ch., Americas and Carib Ch., Americas and Carib Junior Ch.






5 December 2005


Unique Cooperation with the Italian Kennel "Berghemdax" from Paola Abbiati


During the Amsterdam Winner exhibition came the famous Italian Kaninchen Wire Male

"Hamilton del Gotha" to our kennel. The Kaninchen Smooth female

"Kamasutra v.d. Stoofhoeve" went to Italy in return.

Hamilton del Gotha

JWW´01, Italian Ch., Monaco Ch., European Ch.´04








7 December 2003

Results Amsterdam Winner 2003


Great succes at the Amsterdam Winner. The miniature wirehaired male

Ch. Vasco da Gama of Assini Boine obtained BOB en became Best in Group.

Also 3 other dogs obtained the Amsterdam Winner title;

Miniature Smooth female "Courtisane v.d. Stoofhoeve"

Miniature Smooth male "Questionmark v.d. Stoofhoeve"

Kaninchen Smooth male "Sulaatik's Juventus"




9th September 2003
New from Canada

Grandgables Limited Edition - Dwarf Smoothhair Silverdapple